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High-density, large-scale neural recording

Another major challenge of neural interface is there scalability. The brain is a massively interconnected network of specialized circuits which consist not only of nearby sets of neurons, but also of neurons distributed across multiple areas distributed across the brain. We need to be able to record, at high temporal resolution and stably over long terms, throughout a cortical region, spanning both different parts of the region as well as all layers, to interface both local and distributed neural circuits. Due to the invasive nature of neural electrodes, large-scale mappings of brain circuits, which requires devices that can be inserted at a high density that nonetheless minimize tissue damage, has been extremely challenging. In my laboratory, we take advantage of the unconventionally thin (1 µm) structure of our electrode and a new electron beam lithography approach to make these recordings possible. We have massively expanded this platform towards both high-density volumetric mapping and large-scale distributed recordings in the neocortex and sub-cortical structures.

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