28. Developing Next-generation Brain Sensing Technologies–A Review

Robinson, J.T., Pohlmeyer, E., Gather, M.C., Kemere, C., Kitching, J.E., Malliaras, G.G., Marblestone, A., Shepard, K.L., Stieglitz, T., and Xie, C., Developing Next-generation Brain Sensing Technologies–A Review.

Advances in sensing technology raise the possibility of creating neural interfaces that can more effectively restore or repair neural function and reveal fundamental properties of neural information processing. To realize the potential of these bioelectronic devices, it is necessary to understand the capabilities of emerging technologies and identify the best strategies to translate these technologies into products and therapies that will improve the lives of patients with neurological and other disorders. Here we discuss emerging technologies for sensing brain activity, anticipated challenges for translation, and perspectives for how to best transition these technologies from academic research labs to useful products for neuroscience researchers and human patients.

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