08. Microcompression of fused silica nanopillars synthesized using reactive ion etching

Han, S.M., Xie, C., and Cui, Y., Microcompression of Fused Silica Nanopillars Synthesized Using Reactive Ion Etching.

In this study, fused silica nanopillars were synthesized using the reactive ion etching method, and the mechanical properties were analyzed using the microcompression method. A homogeneous deformation model was used to evaluate the stress versus the strain response of the fused silica nanopillars with diameters in the range of 154 nm to 182 nm. The nanopillars were tested in compression to 10% strain, and the expected high strengths were observed with the average yield strength and the average 1% flow stress of 7.6 GPa and 8.7 GPa, respectively. The plastic deformation regime indicated continuous strain hardening with no evidence of the serrated flow, and the shear bands were not observed in the SEM micrographs of the deformed region.

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