06. Nanowire platform for mapping neural circuits

Xie, C. and Cui, Y., Nanowire platform for mapping neural circuits.

Biological systems consist of a myriad of highly interactive and complex interconnections and pathways across multiple orders of length and time scales. Natural neuronal networks are valuable examples of such systems because they are important for understanding how the brain functions. Monitoring activities of a large number of neurons and intercommunication among them is critical for studying neuronal networks, for which passive microfabricated multielectrode arrays (MEAs) (1) and active planar silicon field effect transistor (FET) arrays (2) have been the two popular techniques. Now, a unique and more powerful technique has been developed, as demonstrated by Qing et al. in PNAS (3). The authors show that neuronal networks can now be studied with much higher spatial and temporal resolution while obtaining higher sensitivity of extracellular recording.

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